Jon Radke

Teachers - High School


I have been teaching at R.F. Staples since 2005, after a career in financial accounting. Currently I teach Financial Management, Math and Information Processing - and I coach the senior high badminton team. My wife and I moved from the city to an acreage near Westlock in 2006 and we certainly enjoy the space and quietness it affords! We have a son named Micah. You will find that I love to talk about hockey, board games, and trees/landscaping. I also enjoy playing badminton, tennis, baseball, and other sports. I usually read a few books in the summer and play guitar and piano on occasion. I have in my possession a '91 Ford F-150 which I occasionally receive offers on from high school boys. I am a decent cook but a terrible artist; I constantly try to learn from my mistakes in home renovation and continue to be uncertain about the proper use of a semi-colon. Once upon a time, a friend and I dressed as PB & Jam for Halloween. I was the jam. My hope is that everyone finds me an easy person to talk to.