Jason Wiks

School Administration - Associate Principal


Jason Wiks graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a BEd in 1994.  He then travelled first to South Korea and then Istanbul, Turkey where he taught English as a Second Language to diverse learners of many different ages and backgrounds.  He returned to Canada in 1997, and taught in both junior high and senior high school settings for the next 4 years.  In 2001, he accepted a position with the Alberta Distance Learning Centre (ADLC) and he has been with ADLC ever since.  Jason began his years of teaching at ADLC as a high school Social Studies/CTS teacher.  He gained valuable experience about teaching at a distance during his first 4 years with ADLC.  He then joined the administrative team at ADLC in 2005.  His first administrative role was as a Project Coordinator, overseeing Team Teaching and, later, Course Development.  Jason’s most recent position at ADLC was Associate Principal in charge of Innovation and Partnerships.  Jason’s work at ADLC has allowed him to work with many teachers in many schools across Alberta. He hopes to bring what he has learned about teaching and learning in the past 18 years to Pembina North Community School.  He looks forward to working with the staff at PNCS to create an excellent learning center for the students and communities.